Marion Walton

I am a senior lecturer in the Centre for Film and Media Studies at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. My PhD studies (supervised by Professor Gary Marsden, Computer Science, UCT), also included a period of study at the Centre for the Study of Children, Youth and Media at the Institute of Education, University of London, where I worked with Professor David  Buckingham and Andrew Burn. My research draws on concepts from media and cultural studies to the study of software and social media, and confronts the issues of power and regulation of meaning that arise for users of proprietary software, particularly those in marginalized contexts.

My research and teaching explores children’s and young people’s use of mobile and social media, interactivity and games.  In this broad field, New literacies, ICT and development, STS of mobile Internet, and World of Warcraft are particular areas of specialisation and focus.

I have supervised many postgraduate students in the areas of game studies, new literacies,  and mobile communication.  I’m particularly proud of how my students  collaborate among themselves in a thriving research and reading group, Digimob.

Beyond my work at UCT, I’ve consulted for Nokia Research, the Shuttleworth Foundation and the Open AIR project. I am currently involved in a two year project with the TASCHA group at the University of Washington (along with collaborator and co-PI Dr Jonathan Donner from Microsoft Research. Through my teaching and community projects with youth development non-profit organisation Ikamva Youth I also explore new technologies in South African youth culture. I am currently developing new projects around visual approaches to programming, and introducing young people to procedural thinking through Arduino and Lego Mindstorm robotics.

Upper campus, Arts 217
Centre for Film and Media Studies
University of Cape Town
South Africa
[t] +27 (0)21 6503885
[f] +27 (0)21 6504828

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