Bloggers are trusted least as news sources, but youth prefer online sources

Poll ranks the Internet and blogs at the bottom among news media.
May 4, 2006
Bloggers rank lowest on the scale of trusted news sources, according to a poll released this week during a media conference in London.
The survey, conducted by the polling company GlobeScan for the BBC-Reuters-Media Center “We Media” Forum and released Wednesday, ranked national TV as the most trusted news source overall, trusted by 82 percent of the 10,230 people surveyed in 10 countries.
Internet blogs, on the other hand, were trusted by just 25 percent of the respondents. The survey found that 23 percent of the respondents said they distrusted blogs, compared to 16 percent for national TV. One in two people were unable to say whether they trusted blogs at all.
National and regional newspapers followed national TV in the trust rankings, with 75 percent of the respondents trusting them, followed by local newspapers at 69 percent, public radio at 67 percent, and international satellite TV with 56 percent.
On the other hand, GlobeScan found that younger people use online news sources the most. Online news sources were the first choice among 19 percent of the respondents aged between 18 and 24, compared to just 3 percent between 55 to 64 years old.
“The poll suggests that media is generally trusted across the world, more so than national governments, particularly in the developing world,” said GlobeScan President Doug Miller in a statement.
“National TV is still the most trusted news source by a wide margin, although the Internet is gaining ground among the young,” he added. “The jury is still out on blogs. Just as many people distrust them as trust them.”
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