This is not news

Great story by Steffen Fjaervik about the huge readership gained by Norwegian site Bergens Tidendes (known as Bt no) when they reported the winner of Scandinavian Big Brother in a two-sentence article. This coverage is so minimal that it almost amounts to a snub. The third sentence of the report drives their point home by announcing that they will not be returning with any further updates – firmly refusing to provide the usual gushing entertainment piece: “Bt no probably won’t come back with more”.
This was a pointed little reminder about what really is news and what isn’t. It spread virally via email and other media, and gained the story a whopping 25000 readers, the kind of readership usually seen on that site for much bigger news stories. As Fjaervik points out, this flies in the face of the recieved wisdom about needing to update web stories regularly. Clearly, the story piqued the interest of a readership who saw great news value in a news provider snubbing tv entertainment.